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2023-2024 Dance Season

is run in Two Terms

The class schedule will remain the same for each term. 
Students registered in Term 1 will be given first priority to continue enrollment in Term 2. 
Participation in our year-end Recital will be decided upon at the beginning of Term 2. Students choosing to perform in Recital will have a costume fee (ranging from $60-$110 depending on class age group) which will be payable at the start of Term 2.
Continuous enrollment available (subject to availability) - class fees will be prorated for late starts into each term

All Boys Receive 50% Off TUITION!!
Dance fun for Boys Class - FREE TUITION!! 
(**Please note: dancers registered in the Dance Fun for Boys class are not permitted to register for any additional classes & a registration fee will be charged each term)

Term 1 = September 18 - January 21 (15 weeks)
Term 2 = January 22 - May 12 (15 weeks)

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE: $30/student (non-refundable) +HST

Class Fee Structure

30min Class $217.50 + HST per term
45min Class $255 + HST per term
1 hour Class $285 + HST per term

Payment options are:

Option 1 - Payment per Term- payment in full due upon registration into the term. 

Option 2 - Monthly payment (available for family accounts with more than 1 weekly class)- Total of class fees for the term divided into 4 monthly payments automatically taken from cc on file, 15th of the month.

 We accept the following methods of payment; VISA, MasterCard, E-Transfer, Cash or cheque

Cheques can be made payable to Pointe of Grace. E-transfers can be sent to

Discount Structure

45 Minute Class

Fee Per Term: $ 255+ hst
2nd Class or Family Member: $242.50+ hst
3rd Class or Family Member: $230 + hst
4th Class or Family Member: $217.50 + hst

1 Hour Class

Fee Per Term: $ 285+ hst
2nd Class or Family Member: $272.50+ hst
3rd Class or Family Member: $260 + hst
4th Class or Family Member: $247.50 + hst

Payment Policies

The Registration Fee of $30.00 is non-refundable. Any applicable
post-dated cheques will be returned to the issuer. This refund policy applies to all students regardless of the number of classes they are registered for. Each family is to provide a credit card at registration that is kept securely on file. 

Missed classes on the part of the student will not be refunded.

A service fee of $25.00 will be charged on all NSF cheques.

NO RISK refund policy. If your dancer needs to withdraw from a class you can inform the office via email of the cancellation. A refund or credit (dependent on the date of withdrawal) less the number of classes taken at the time of withdrawal will be issued. 
Withdrawal before 1/2 way point in term = full refund less classes taken
Withdrawal after 1/2 way point in term = credit on account for remaining classes.

Refund Policies

Class Descriptions


We train our ballet students in the Cecchetti method, an internationally recognized method of classical ballet training. Classes are traditionally structured to include stretching, barre work and centre practice. Ballet is the basic foundation for most forms of dance. Classes are offered for students ages 5 and older in our recreational & competitive programs. Annual examinations are offered for those who qualify. A minimum of 2 ballet classes per week for age 7 and over are required to qualify for exams.


An introduction to dance for children 3-4 years of age. In these 30 minute classes, we combine dance with other movement games to create a fun environment for youngsters getting their first exposure to dance. In this program, the focus is placed on the introduction to basic positions and movements and the development of an understanding of simple rhythms. Pre-Dance classes are available at various times during the week. As part of our pre-dance program we offer a class geared just for boys called “Dance Fun 4 Boys,” similar to pre-dance this program offers dance with creative movement games in a fun atmosphere.


Our jazz classes combine traditional jazz technique with current styles of movement and music. An upbeat atmosphere focuses on stretching, jumps & turns, progressions across the floor and fun choreography. Classes are offered starting at age 5 in our recreational & competitive programs.


Lyrical dance combines the many technical elements of classical ballet with the fluid movements of jazz, contemporary and modern. Lyrical dance is very graceful with moves flowing smoothly and seamlessly. It is highly recommended to be training in ballet as well if choosing lyrical. Classes commence at age 9.


A relaxed, freestyle form of street dance, Hip-Hop combines cool moves and urban funk choreography to the latest beats. No need for flexibility or experience, just rhythm and desire to have a good time. Hip Hop begins at age 5-6. We also offer Boys Only hip-hop classes ranging in age from 5-12years old.


This fun and energetic class teaches the rhythmic based dance form of tap which uses special shoes that have metal taps on the bottoms of the toe and heel. Motor skills and rhythm are taught through coordinated steps and footwork. Starting at Age 5.


ACRO for dancers is a great way to improve overall flexibility and strength. Students will enjoy learning tumbling tricks like cartwheels, walkovers as well as bridges and other gymnastic style tricks. They will then showcase these elements by combining it with basic dance rhythms for an exciting experience. Programs begin at age 5 and are offered in both recreational and competitive levels.


Beginner acro class for ages 5-6, where the focus will be on jazz dancing (see description above) with an introduction to some acro skills that will be incorporated into different areas of the class.


This class combines singing (lip-sync), dancing, and acting in a fun and positive environment. This is a great way for your dancer to express themselves through the use of songs, lyrics, and emotions from different Broadway musicals, movies, and television with an emphasis on jazz dance technique. Starting at Age 7.


As part of our pre-dance program, this class is geared just for boys. Similar to pre-dance this program offers dance with creative movement games in a fun atmosphere. This class is for boys ages 4-5 and the class tuition is free. Registration fee applies
 **Please note - If your dancer is registered in this class they will not be permitted to register in any additional classes.

Dress code

All students are to be dressed appropriately for class; this includes hair pulled back off face.

** A note to Ballet Students: Please ensure that hair be pulled back in a clean, tight ballet bun with the use of bobbypins and a hairnet for all ballet classes.


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To dance is to be out of yourself...

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