Policies + Conditions

Please review the following policies carefully. You can also review everything within the parent portal, accessible from the main menu.

Policies & Conditions

Due to the inherent risk involved in the physical activity of dancing, parents agree to release Pointe of Grace Stittsville Company and its staff from any liability in case of accident or injury. 

The studio has the right to cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances such as poor weather. If you are unsure if weather conditions will result in a cancelled class, please call the studio and check the message on our answering machine. If a class has to be missed, NO class will be held as a make-up class.

Pointe of Grace Stittsville Company is not responsible for loss of or damage to personal property. Any items left at the studio will be placed in the lost and found. Anything unclaimed after 1 month will be donated to charity.

Enrollment in each class is at the discretion of the studio directors.

The studio has the right to substitute teachers where necessary.

No parents are allowed in the classroom. We do offer an Open House week in December where you will have the chance to see your child dance.

All students are expected to do their best to be on time. If you are aware ahead of time that you may be running late or will be missing the class entirely, please call the studio to let the teacher know.

No food or drinks (other than water bottles) are allowed in the studio. Water breaks are given with the teacher’s permission. It is expected that students will respect all studio spaces and keep them clean.

Dancers are NOT to chew gum in class. We also ask that dancers leave jewelry at home! Every year we collect many lost items that were removed in the studio and then forgotten and left behind. Cell phones are NOT permitted inside the studios. We recommend leaving these valuable items at home.

If a dancer is being disruptive in the classroom their instructor will give them a warning. After such a warning, the teacher has the right to remove the child from their class if they feel it is necessary. Parents will be notified in this event.

To dance is to be out of yourself...

Larger, more beautiful, more powerful