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Recital 2024

Click below to review our 2024 Recital Handbook! This document provides you every detail you need to know about dress rehearsal, pictures, show nights, tickets, hair and makeup and more!

may 12th - 15th, 2024

How do I know if I should put my child in dance classes? 

Dance is a wonderful activity for kids, capable of nurturing a positive self image in both girls and boys. Dance lessons teach a child self confidence, discipline, poise and grace. A child introduced to dance at an early age will quite likely develop a love of the arts and a passion for rhythm and movement. Most importantly, dancing is fun!

How do I choose the right class for my child? 

Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical theatre, there are many options for classes at POG. We recommend reading through our “Class Descriptions” to see what seems like the best fit for your child. When choosing a class from our schedule, look for the appropriate age group and level. If you have any questions it’s best to call or email the studio. Our office staff will gladly help you in choosing the right classes for your dancer.


How long do the programs run for?

Classes run mid-September until mid-May (in Two Terms) for our regular season. We also offer summer programs & camps in July & August. Specialty programs run on shorter 7 week sessions.


What if my child doesn’t like the class. Do you offer refunds?

We have a NO RISK refund policy. If your dancer needs to withdraw from a class you can inform the office via email of the cancellation. A refund or credit (dependent on the date of withdrawal) less the number of classes taken at the time of withdrawal will be issued. 
Withdrawal before 1/2 way point in term = full refund less classes taken
Withdrawal after 1/2 way point in term = credit on account for remaining classes

Can I sit in and watch my child’s class? 

No. Parents/guardians are not permitted to sit in the classrooms or to linger outside the studio doors. Dancers have a much more successful lesson when they are not distracted by observers. 

Does my child have to perform in the year-end recital?

No. Participation in our year-end recital is not mandatory. We do ask that you inform the front desk if your child will not be participating in the show at the start of Term 2. We do encourage all students, even the youngest pre-dance members, to take part in the fun and rewarding experience of performing on stage in costume.


is my child ready for competitive dance?

First and foremost your child must love to dance! If they are dancing a lot at home and/or asking to take additional classes they are starting to show signs of readiness. Typically a minimum of 2 years dance training is expected but some exceptions may apply. POG holds annual auditions for our award winning competitive team each spring/summer. The best way to know if your child is ready is to have them attend the audition. They will be assessed and then recommendations will be given to you on where they should be placed for training the next dance season.

How many shows does my child perform in?

We have multiple shows because of the number of classes that run at the studio. A schedule will be created to determine what show your child will be dancing in. If they are taking more than one class there is a possibility they will have to perform in more than one show. This schedule will be provided to you in the Recital Handbook distributed in the spring.

What’s involved with Recital?

For everything you need to know about our year-end show will be available in our RECITAL HANDBOOK sent out during Term 2

To dance is to be out of yourself...

Larger, more beautiful, more powerful